When is it the best time to visit the Snowy Mountain?
13th December 2017

FAQ’s 2&3 Day Snow Tours

Q: Which ski resort do we visit?
A: Perisher Ski Resort – exthe largest alpine resort in the Southern Hemisphere. With 47 lifts and 7 mountain peaks, it covers the largest area of any Australian resort. Skiers and boarders can ski and board between four separate but interconnected resort areas and one of the best things about the resort is its varied terrain that is suitable for all ages and ability levels from first-timers right up to experts.

Q: Where do we stay?
A: Our accommodation is at the ever popular Ski Rider Hotel, located on exclusive acres inside Kosciuszko National Park, only 11kms from Perisher snowfields – just a short coach ride away! All rooms have ensuite bathrooms, central heating, tea/coffee making facilities and ski/boarding drying racks. Accommodation is based on multi-share of 4, 5 or 6 persons per room. Twin and triple share rooms are available at an additional cost pending availability. You’ll nd the staff at Ski Rider warm and welcoming and their meals are delicious and satisfying.

Q: When is the best time to visit the snow?
A: The official opening of the winter snow season is the June long weekend and the official close is the October long weekend, although depending on snow, Perisher can open earlier or extend the season.

Q: Will there be snow when I go?
A: If only we had a crystal ball! There’s no way we can say whether or not it’s going to snow. That’s up to mother nature! It’s hard to tell when it’s going to snow, for how long and where. Add plenty of other weather factors that can affect the snow once it’s fallen into the mix and great snow conditions aren’t always a guarantee. You can rely on great snowmaking facilities at Perisher to ensure that there is always fresh snow on the ground. Perisher has invested heavily in snowmaking to ensure guests are provided with the best possible conditions all winter.

Q: Are tours suitable for kids?
A: Definitely! We are very family friendly. We even offer special weekends where kids travel and stay free!




Q: What age is a child?
A: A child is up to age 14. Once they’re 15 they’re classed as an adult.

Q: Do I need a lesson?
A: If it’s your first time to the snow, we would de nitely recommend lessons. This will ensure that your first skiing or boarding experience is safe and enjoyable. Lessons are organised when you purchase your lift ticket. Children lessons are 3 hours in duration, adults are 2 hours and start at 9 am at Smiggin Holes which is where the coach parks.

Q: We don’t want to ski or snowboard. What else is there to do?
A: Tobogganing is great fun for kids and parents alike and Perisher has dedicated areas for just this. It’s very affordable and you can hire them when you get to the snow fields. You can also ride on the ski tube from Perisher to Blue Cow – a train that travels through the mountain. There is also a scenic chairlift ride. The Perisher Quad Express is a great way to experience the incredible vistas across the Snowy Mountains from a lofty height of 2000 metres above sea level. Take the opportunity to get off at mid-station and warm up with refreshments before riding all the way to the top. Don’t forget the camera (and a scarf!). Perisher’s Tube Town is an exciting, low-cost snow experience located right next to the Perisher Valley car park. You don’t even need to climb back up the hill, just put your feet up and be towed, then sit on a tube and down the hill. Definitely fun for all ages!

Q: Do I need travel insurance?
A: We recommend travel insurance for all ski holidays. Check with your private health fund, car insurer or home & contents insurer as well as special travel insurance providers. Just be sure to inquire whether snow sports are covered on the policy.

Q: How long does it take to get there?
A: The coach departs our Anna Bay depot at 8.15pm Thursday or Fri- day night depending on whether you’re on our 2 or 3 day weekend. We make various pickups in Newcastle, Central Coast (Tuggerah & Kariong) and Sydney. Our last pick up point is Liverpool South around midnight with an approximate arrival time at Ski Rider around 6 am.

Our 2 day/2 night weekends depart our Anna Bay depot at 2.45pm Friday afternoon with an approximate arrival at Ski Rider around 1 am Saturday morning. So no overnight travel on the coach on these weekends!

Q: Do I need a lift ticket to ski/snowboard?
A: Yes, you will need a valid lift ticket for each day you plan to ski or board.

Q: How do I purchase a lift ticket?
A: If you want to save money, pre-book your lift tickets online directly with Perisher at least 7 days prior to arrival. If you already have a Perisher Card, you can recharge it online with Perisher. There is a one-off $5 charge if you don’t already hold a reloadable Perisher Card. If you don’t already have a Perisher Card, you will also need to pick it up at the Ticket Office once we get to the snow. Alternatively, we can organise discounted lift tickets for you, especially if it’s your first time to the snow. It can be a little confusing! You will need cash to pay the guide on board the coach on the journey down. You’ll be able to talk to the guide and discuss your best options for your lift ticket. We’ll have your lift tickets ready for you when you arrive at the snow. No waiting in queues – just straight to the ski fields!

Q: What about equipment (ski/board/clothing) hire?
A: Ski Rider offers quality ski, snowboard and clothing hire. We can organise this for you and by prepaying, you will save time and money.

Q: What should I pack for the snow and coach journey?
A: You’re on the coach for a long time and you want to try and get as much sleep as you can so we recommend you bring a small pillow and rug to help you sleep on the coach. Other things to pack are sun cream & lip balm, beanie and scarf/neck warmer, gloves, goggles (at least sunnies but googles are better, especially when it’s snowing), munchies that will t in pockets, water, long undergarments such as thermals that are tight fitting to wear under your snow jacket and pants. You would also add a fleece jumper or long sleeve shirt on the really cold days. You’re better off having too many clothes on than not enough. You can always strip off some layers! Waterproof shoes – not leather soled. If you don’t have any, I would highly recommend hiring a pair, especially if you don’t plan to ski or board. You don’t need to pack a lot of clothes. During the day, you’ll be in your snow jacket and pants. You really only need something casual to wear to dinner each evening and something comfortable for the coach travel.

Q: Does the coach stay with the group?
A: Yes, the coach will stay with the group for the duration of the tour, along with the driver and guide. They will always be there to lend a hand or answer any questions.

Q: Where can I keep my personal belongings once we get to the snowfields.
A: The coach will park at Smiggin Holes which is where you will be dropped off in the morning. Inside the coach will be locked so you can leave any valuables inside the coach. The luggage bins underneath the coach are left unlocked so you can return to the coach at any time throughout the day to drop gear off/pick gear up. i.e you take a layer of clothing off or you’ve had enough skiing for the day and want to take your ski boots off.

Q: How much time do we spend at the snow/ski fields?
A: We aim to be at the snow fields by 8.30am each morning. The coach will depart the snow to return to Ski Rider at 4.30pm. On Sunday, we depart at 3.00pm to return to Ski Rider and return hire equipment and change for the journey home.

Q: What if I want to return to Ski Rider earlier?A: Ski Rider operates a shuttle bus that can take you back to your room if you want to head back earlier (or later) than the coach. We will have timetables to hand out on the coach.

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