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26th November 2017
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9th November 2018

When is it the best time to visit the Snowy Mountain?

The official opening of the winter snow season is the June long weekend and the official closing season is the October long weekend, although depending on snow, Perisher can open earlier or extend the season. The best time to visit the Snowy Mountain is July and August as it is the coldest months of the year in Australia.  However, it can also mean the most expensive time to visit the Snowy Mountain.

Not only it is the most expensive time to visit the Snowy Mountain, it is the busiest time of the year. Prepare yourself to experience long queues at restaurants, restrooms and ski lifts. The bright side of travelling during the month of July and August is the snow condition. The slopes at this time of the year is covered with perfect powdery snow and crusty air and temperature dropping below -3*C.




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